My story is an interesting one, ending with me creating a youtube channel.

The ocean, I just love it. It’s what inspires me to explore and take photos. I picked up my first camera in 2003 and started taking photos at my local beach. This also sparked my interested in video making. After studying graphic design and multimedia for 3 years I set off with my best mate Rian to Indonesia to find waves on bicycles. We traveled for three and a half months island hopping across the archipelago, filming and finding waves to produced a x4 50min tv show called

We sold this show to The Nautical channel and numerous other broadcasters which then funded our next trip to Taiwan. But before Taiwan I did a 5 week solo trip to continue our original journey which ended in Bali. This bicycle trip is called Sendiri which took be from Bali to Nusa Lembongan, across the straight to the Gili Islands and onto Lombok. After surfing desert point for 4 days I headed over to Sumbawa ending the journey at Scar Reef. You can watch Sendiri on Garage Entertainment or simply download a copy in my store.

Taiwan was an amazing place to ride by bicycle and search for surf, we scored great days surfing, riding and camping. From this month long trip we produced x4 25 min episodes which we sold to broadcasters. This was our best produced show yet.

After Taiwan (2014) I decided to get serious about my surf photography and purchased a cheap waterhousing for my Canon 5D mk iii, after a few sessions shooting local surfers I started to enjoy this new challenge of positioning myself in the lineup to get the perfect shot. During these sessions something interesting would always happen, whether it was some dolphins in the lineup or I’d witness and amazing sunrise. I found every session had a story to tell. After a year with the cheap housing I upgraded to a second hand Aquatech housing. I still use the Aquatech housing today.

At this time around 2016 the film maker Casey Neistat was blowing up in popularity particularly with his daily vlogs on youtube. After some searching on youtube I couldn’t find any youtube channels or photographers dedicated to surf photography, so I decided to start my own. With my experience in video editing I set out to create a video a week, showing people the story behind every image I took. There were challenges with creating a video about how you capture photographs but after 20 or so videos I started to find my style and workout a format that works for myself and the audience.

So that’s basically it, that is how my youtube channel was started. I want you to enjoy my work and mainly get inspired to get into the water and start shooting.

Please subscribe if you haven’t already, watch one of my films or buy a print. Any of those is the greatest compliment an artist could have, it also keeps my channel going. 

Thanks and I hope to see you out in the water.