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Surf Photography

5 Surf Photography HACKS in 50 Seconds, that you'll actually use!!

https://youtu.be/DnaTVolEOys These are 5 surf photography hacks I use frequently when I'm shooting in the water. Ok sure some are not exactly hacks but more so tips that help you get clear, sharp awesome shots. 1.) Candle wax on lens port to shed water droplets I learnt this tip from the Aquateach website. You use candle wax to shed water off the lens port, the white unsented candle wax works best. I have used surf wax and car wax but the simple...

Travelling across New Zealand's South Island in a Motorhome

Heading through the South Island in New Zealand was an incredible experience and should be on everyone's road trip travel list. I have traveled the South Island before on a bicycle five years ago, but not in a motorhome. We stopped at the popular destinations such as Mt Cook, Wanaka, Queenstown and Milford sound. These places are popular for good reason they are absolutely stunning. I bought my camera and water housing along on this trip and...

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