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5 Surf Photography HACKS in 50 Seconds, that you’ll actually use!!

These are 5 surf photography hacks I use frequently when I’m shooting in the water. Ok sure some are not exactly hacks but more so tips that help you get clear, sharp awesome shots.

1.) Candle wax on lens port to shed water droplets
I have used this tip to shed water off the lens port for 3 years, the candle wax works the best. I have used surf wax and car wax but the simple white candle wax seems to be the right consitancy to buff out and still allow clear shots. The wax lasts for about 40min in the water, I still use a wet suit sleeve to wipe excess water off the lens.

2.) Taking split shots with dome port
So I always get asked how do you take those 50/50 split shots, and the answer is with a dome. Now the further the dome is away from the lens the sharper the water line will be.

3.) Camera settings for sharp photos
So this tip is obviously subjective, but I have found these settings to work the best from most days with sunshine. Your settings will change if you need to acheive different styles of shots but these settings get sharp photos everytime.

1/2000, f5.6, iso auto 100-1600, shutter bust high, white balance Sunny, Autofocus AI servo.

4.) Backdoor floaty mouth mount
I have used the backdoor floaty as a mouth mount for 6 years now. It allows you to also have a board or camera mount allowing you to get POV footage andboard footage in one session.

5.) Water drops on lens. Leave water drops on lens port to give added bokeh dreamy look
So I figured this tip out after the wax stoped sheeding water off the lens port. If there is the right about of water drops on the lens prot you get a great bokeh effect/ dreamy feel to your photos. Use cuatiously as you can have to many drops on the lens and get blury shots.

I hope these tips help you out. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel as I will be making more of these style videos.

See you out in the water.